In the late 90’s, toy inventors at Lund and Company Invention created a pooping dog game that made loud farting sounds as you squeezed the dog’s leash. Since most kids on the face of the planet find humor in all bodily functions, Lund was sure this pooping dog would be the next craze on the market. All they needed was to find the dog a master — a toy industry expert to adopt the concept and transform the dog into the next mega hit game!

Time after time, day after day, the game was reviewed and passed over by those so called experts who believed that it just wasn’t a “proper” fit for their company. After years of trying to find a taker, the pooping dog game was left in the dog house.

In 2009, Adi Golad and David Norman were hunting for a cool, edgy toy that would once again set the company apart from the rest. Goliath had launched Pop the Pig several years earlier and made it Europe’s #1 game. While reviewing all the hot new toys available, Adi saw the pooping dog game gathering dust in the back of the office.

Just as an owner sees a puppy in the window and knows he has to have it, they knew instantly that this game was going to be a success! Returning home to Europe with dog in hand, Adi got to work developing and producing the game, and as expected, the pooping dog became a huge success for Goliath B.V.

The decision was made to launch the dog in Germany, Holland and Spain. Due to its success, it was then launched in France under the name Tou Tou Rista where it was named 2011 Kid’s Game of the Year, and in England, where it was named one of the top 12 toys in the UK.

With these successful launches under his collar, the dog was ready to make his debut in the U.S., but first he needed a name. After playing the game with many kids, David named him Doggie Doo (even though he really liked the name Pooping Puppy). Doggie Doo finally got his day when he was unleashed at Toy Fair 2011 and became the star of the show.  Finally, in May 2011, the lovable Dachshund dog that once had trouble finding a home was officially launched in the U.S. and became available for everyone to own!

To date, over 1,000,000 of these happy dogs have been sold worldwide under various brand names. Several networks including CNN and MSNBC have run stories on the game and Chelsea Lately recently did a segment on Doggie Doo, who has quickly become everyone’s favorite toy store pet.

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