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Parents – Please play the first few rounds with your children to ensure that they are following the instructions correctly so the dog does not malfunction.

Age: 4 years and up
For: 2 to 4 players
Playing Time: 15 minutes


  • 1 dog with leash and pump
  • 1 bone
  • 1 die (apply stickers before first use)
  • 4 shovels
  • 1 container ‘Dog Food’ 3.5 Oz (100 g)
  • 1 treat mold
  • The rules

Object of the Game:

Feed and walk your little pup, when he makes a mess you clean it up. Be the first player to get 3 pieces of dog mess on your shovel to win.


Please have all players wash their hands before beginning.  Place the dog in the center of the table. Each player takes one shovel.

Feeding the Doggie:

Take the ‘dog food’ out of the food container.   Use the cookie mold to cut out the dog’s treat.  This is the correct quantity of material you need to feed the dog.  Use your fingers to push the ‘treat’ deep inside the dog’s mouth. Then push his bone into his mouth until you cannot push any further.  Leave the bone in the Doggie’s mouth while playing.

Playing the Game:

The youngest player starts the game and rolls the die. The symbols appearing on the top of the die indicate which action the player must perform. The actions on the illustrations are below:


Pump 1 time


Pump 2 times


Pump 3 times


Lose your turn, don’t pump


Exchange your shovel with a player of your choice.

Important: Pump the leash handle QUICKLY and FIRMLY.  If the handle is pumped too softly or too slowly, the food may get stuck inside the Doggie.

Once the action is completed, the turn is over, and the next player on the left will continue to play.
However when the dog makes a mess, the player who squeezed the leash will pick up the mess and place it on his shovel. This player also feeds the dog for the next round. See Feeding the Doggie.

End of the Game:

The game ends when a player has collected 3 pieces of the dog’s mess on his shovel. This player wins the game! After playing a round, all the ‘dog food’ is collected by the winner, so it can be used for the next round.


You can only pick up the dog’s mess when it has fallen on the table.  If it is hanging outside the end of the dog, just tap him on the back until it drops. Only use original material supplied to feed the dog. Do not place foreign objects into the dog.

Helpful Hints and Clean Up Tips:

The Doggie 

  • If Doggie Doo has stomach problems, and no mess is coming out of the dog, feed him just one more time with the correct amount of food (See Feeding the Doggie).  Then pump the leash QUICKLY and FIRMLY, and it should push it out.
  • Make sure the leash connector tube that connects to the back of the dog’s head and the leash is pushed in tight at both ends to prevent air loss.
  • Make sure red bands on the yellow bone are securely in place and double check that the bone is in place by pushing it firmly.
  • If the treat is still stuck, try blowing into the dog’s mouth.  If this doesn’t dislodge the stuck treat, then rinse with warm water.  Wait until the dog is completely dry before playing again.

Doggie Doo Dog Food

  • Only use official ‘Doggie Doo Dog Food’ to feed the dog. Store the ‘dog food’ in its container with the lid tightly closed.  Do not keep it in warm areas (i.e. near heat vents or in direct sunlight).
  • The ‘dog food’ is safe and non-toxic. However it is a toy, and therefore not suitable for consumption and may cause eye irritation.
  • Playing with the ‘dog food’ is more fun with washed hands, and it will keep the ‘dog food’ in good condition.
  • If the ‘dog food’ gets stuck inside the dog, you can wash it through with warm water or push it through with a long object, but let the dog air dry after washing.  ‘Dog food’ pieces can also be rubbed off when dry.
  • If you have left your ‘Doggie Doo Dog Food’ out and it becomes dry or sticky, you can order more at:
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